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Newhaven Station: Dickie Webb.

Hour glass table.

Crystal table.Inflatable table.

Soap table.

Here are the four tables I included in the exhibition as part of my piece The Change Allowance Project.  The two other tables I included on a digital photo frame due to the nature of their deconstruction.

I will keep taking photos during the week as the tables start to build or dissolve.  It should be interesting to see how the soap table lasts especially as the temperatures are pretty high at the moment.  I am still not sure if it will stand the whole week or not making my daily visits to the show one of excitement and nerves as to what I will see. I am also working on nurturing the crystals up the legs of the last table and if possible encouraging them to grow on the table top itself.  I will pour another coating of the crystal mixture tomorrow night so during the week the table should keep on evolving.

Well all six tables are now done, all thats left is the finishing touches.  Tonight the last of the six tables underwent a drastic change which lasted all of 15 seconds.. Here are a couple of photos:

No worries the four tables being shown in the actual show will be a little less hazardous yet subtle in the presentation.

Finally managed to get the soap table assembled today so everything is back on track.  Four more days before the show so all down to finishing up the other elements of each structure and it will be done.

Today was a day of  frustration trying to install the soap table.  Great in theory assembling the table as you would with wooden parts.  However the soap is a little more flexible and variable in how it has been cast.  So third attempt and I have left it to settle over night before I try and install it in its position.  The final process involved inverting the table and gluing the legs and sides onto the bottom of the table top with more melted soap.  Fingers crossed this process works and I can install this table on its plynth.  Will as aside from this little headache things are progressing quite well.

Well this week has been busy preparing the exhibition space in Oxford Brookes Richard Hamilton building.  Yesterday I finally started piecing together the parts that will become The Change Allowance Project, it is now that I am having to think on my feet as different problems within the space and the materials arise.

I am probably going to work through the weekend and bank holiday to make sure this week is all about fine tuning the presentation and timing of the four tables.  With this work being about construction and deconstruction there is always an element that I cannot control and I really have to realise how certain elements are what they are due to the nature of change not always being something that can be controlled.  There is also an element that the deconstruction elements may happen faster than predicted as the tests have only been on smaller scale.  This is what will hopefully make the installation tick and evolve over the period of the exhibition.

For details of this exhibition and opening hours please see this link:

Here’s one of the six tables.. This one has been deconstructed.. I made this one out of sugar and assembled the table and collapsed it on itself.  I have since documented this action as well as archive the parts, so in reality you could if you wanted reassemble this table bit by bit just like a jigsaw or like a crime scene investigator.. So even though its a deconstructed table there is this sense and hope that it can be built anew.

Well after turning the kitchen into scenes not too dissimilar to the film fight club (boiling soap for bomb making), I have managed to cast the sugar table and recast the soap table.  So now all I am waiting on is some perspex to arrive and then I will be ready for installation.  The weather is meant to be hot so a little concerned about assembling the soap table but I think as long as I leave the top part off until it is necessary then I should be fine.